venerdì 13 aprile 2012

I just wanted to collect and post some new as well as some old works that I still like. Just because this blog needs to be revived.

venerdì 18 novembre 2011


Laura: I'm still alive, yeah! It's about time we revive this blog, so:

This is for you sweetheart <3 :

Observational drawings, reference:

Just some recent stuff:

And finally, music :D (how could I live without)

Where Is My Mind? by Pixies on Grooveshark

domenica 3 aprile 2011

Life painting practice

This week end was very productive.

My program was kind of laggy, I couldn't quite refine those the way I wanted. But o well... I guess it counts as useful practice anyway.

I always forgot to post the final image of the peter pan project I mentioned in the previous post.

mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Peter pan project

Laura: and these are sketches and stuff I've been stuck on for quite some time. They're meant for a Peter Pan bookmarks project my pals over at io disegno a modo mio and I are doing.

I can't seem to be able to give an appropriate face to the various characters..despite me trying several solutions, I'm still not quite satisfied with what I've come up with...and deadline is by the end of the week LOL.....
.....and I'm starting my new job this week too, so I'll have even less time than usual :D .....

Oh dear.... :D

What design can I choose GASP!!!


Laura: these are oldies

random kid

My toughts and prayers to people in Japan, in Northern Africa and to those who are suffering, wherever they are in the world.