venerdì 30 luglio 2010

First post and other stuff

Laura: Ok, I guess since I was the one who opened this blog it's my turn to write the first post.


This place is gonna become my sketch and wip dump. And the place where I pile up all my practice stuff as well.

I'm generally a fail as a blog person, but I will make an effort to keep this place up-to-date as much as I can. I actually made it a point to post an update at least every week. Ok, I admit I had the same exact goal with all my other blogs/online accounts too, and I have failed thouroughly every single time but...this time it's gonna be different, I promise (although I don't know how many people are actually willing to read all my babbling).

And yes..English. I'm sorry Italian readers. For me the Internet is English. I feel uncomfortable writing in any other language LOL (I guess my language degree is playing a role here too, though) more digressing, back to art.

Here's a preview of a project of a book I'm working with Livia, for our computer graphics exam. We decided to do an illustration book about positive and negative mithological creatures- Livia's got the "good" guys, and I've got the evil ones-(click for a huuuge picture):

And here's a close-up:

And a little something I did for practice purposes...I don't really know who this guy is...Livia does (she gave me that picture) so ask for me, I only really liked the photo it's taken from, regardless its subject (although yeah, painting a good-looking guy is always fun :p)

That's all for now I guess.
When I have time (and feel like it) I will try to mess with the blog layout too...but let's stick with a pre-made template for now :P :P

3 commenti:

  1. Yummy...James Franco. You're great as always...I should post something too, but I'm so lazy right now, I've got to fight against myself, I'll do it as soon as possible!Livia

  2. Hi, Laura! Your new blog is lovely! X3
    I'm looking forward to see the illustration finished! *0*

  3. hey ciao! haha mi fa un po strano parlare in inglese con le italiane però XDDD quindi facciamo che i post li scrivo in inglese e le risposte secondo i casi XDDD
    LIVIAAA you lazybutt, al lavoro, ADESSO!