domenica 1 agosto 2010


Laura: Testing brushes and practicing CG

The creepy girl in the Killers' video "Mr Brightside" (nah, she's not creepy, she's actually pretty cute)

I'm sorry Mr Collins, looks like I can't draw you. I'll try to do better next time.
Even though the final outcome is not as good as I had hoped for I actually had a very good time painting.

Things I've learnt by doing all this:
1.Youtube screencaps FTW.
2.When trying to add contrast to the skintone a light blue-ish tint will do the trick better than a light-pink one.
3. It's not a bad idea, after all, to start out loosely with a big soft brush at full opacity and add details with a sharp-edged brush set to pen pressure and flow. It gives a pretty solid look. I used to start out with opacity set at a low level, but that resulted in me brushing over the canvas thousands of times before I was able to get the desired colour or effect, and in any case there'd always be the risk of not getting enough contrast and the final result not looking as solid as the first technique.
4.Men's faces are full of hair. women's faces are much smoother, finer and prettier. Women are definitely more beautiful than men (my bf says: "I agree").
5.I still don't know if misha collins'eyes are blue or green.

Painting now:

This guy from the same Killers'video, that I have affectionately called "Michael". That's because I think I'm gonna use him as reference for every Archangel Michael pictures I might do in the future:

I have to try out more texture effects.

Oh, and there's no particular reason for me using videos by The Killers. It's just that I have this weird habit of wasting my time watching music videos on Youtube, and that particular one caught my attention because they have nice outfits.

Now, I hope that Livia posts something too, I really don't want to take over this place.

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  1. Paurosamente belli. Non ho altro da dire, povera me ! ;_;

    (ecco, in merito alle texture dovro' chiederti una roba via fb)

  2. oi ciao!
    ci possiamo sentire via msn, che è meglio della chat di facebook!
    hai il mio indirizzo?

  3. Mh non penso, scambiamoci gli indirizzi su fb !